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Elevate your scent collection with the unconventional Le Labo range of unisex {fragrances} at Cult Beauty. Crafted by hand, this brand is focused on delivering new and exciting scents into the world, one bottle at a time. Discover perfumes, {candles}, {body products} and men’s grooming from this award-winning New York-based artisanal perfume house.


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Bursting onto the fragrance market in 2006, Le Labo has become one of the most relevant and revered perfume houses of the moment. Having seen huge success with its signature scent, {Le Labo Santal 33}, the brand has now evolved into skin care, hair care, men’s grooming, body products and more. Famed and adored for offering a sensory experience that is incomparable to other fragrance brands on the market, Le Labo hand-formulates each bottle of scent, ensuring traditional craftsmanship is poured into everything it does. From woody, musky and spicy scents to light and transcendent fragrances, every bottle is unisex, worn by a global network of Le Labo-loving fans and admirers.


How did Le Labo happen? This wildly successful brand was founded by two friends, Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi, who wanted to make a change in the predictable perfume market. Tired of seeing soulless and unsurprising scents as the only options, they set out to disrupt the market and serve up something that exudes soul, difference and artistry, stepping away from any practice or idea that leans towards convention. They believe that the intention behind a fragrance and the attention that goes into its careful formulation is what makes all the difference. Everything done by hand, every moment of production carefully crafted, Le Labo continues to push boundaries and expand its offering into the worlds of skin care, hair care and home fragrance.


Embracing traditional craftsmanship at every stage of creation, each Le Labo scent is formulated by hand in the brand’s specialised labs. Whether you opt for the sophisticated notes of {Another 13}, the delicately unique florals of {Rose 31} or the dazzling and seductive notes of {Bergamote 22}, there’s a fragrance for every mood and personality. Try {Thé Noir29} for fresh and fruity notes blended expertly with woody, musky aromas or {Lys 41} for beautifully subtle floral notes mixed with Madagascan vanilla. Quiet, non-conforming and confident in its artistry, Le Labo now also offers the chance to bring its scents into your home with their candles. And your bathroom too with a range of {shampoo}, {conditioner} and {Le Labo shower gel}.


As the brand has evolved, Le Labo has entered the world of {men’s grooming}. Offering something new and exciting, and with its signature soul exuding from every product, you’ll find an effortlessly cool range of {shaving cream}, soothing and fragrance-filled {After-shave Balm} and intoxicatingly good {Beard Oil}. Whether you’re clean-shaven or rocking a beard of any length, Le Labo men’s grooming products are a must for any bathroom shelf.