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The secret to seamless eye make up is laying the perfect foundations. Whether you’re rocking your signature wing, a soft wash of matte shadow or graphic eyeliner, use an eye primer to prep lids for pigment then reach for concealer to brighten and counteract fallout. From fine liquid liners to colour-pop palettes and lash-lifting mascaras, our eye make up edit has something for all eye requirements.


Our eyes are the first to tell tales of our late night endeavours, poor diet and stress. Luckily, the right eye make up can disguise a multitude of sins so invest in a flesh-toned pencil, such as Charlotte Tilbury'sHollywood Exagger-Eyes Liner Duo to brighten the white and define your eyes; a shimmering eyeshadow dotted beside inner corners to widen; a black eyeliner to help instantly fake fuller eyelashes and a volumising mascara, to lengthen thicken and create the best frame for your peepers; or explore our collection of men's eye make up for subtle yet effective correctors.